Vision & Values

“To find and serve Jesus Christ in the person of those who are poor and suffering.” Vincent de Paul.

Vincent de Paul lived in France¬†during the 17th century ¬†where he gave his energies and life in serving the needs of the poor. Together with Louise de Marillac, he organised hospitals for the sick poor, founded institutions for abandoned children, opened soup kitchens, created job training programmes, taught young women to read, bettered prison conditions and organised countless local charities in the villages throughout France. His funeral drew thousands to Paris and the preacher said that he “just about changed the face of the Church and France.” In the 350 years since his death he has inspired millions to walk in his footsteps in many different walks of life. Today there are well over two million people formally associated with what has become known as the Vincentian Family.

Any institution calling itself “Vincentian” must extend Vincent’s dream and values to its own time and place. We try to live this in our service of others by …

  • being non-judgemental
  • being compassionate, caring and loving
  • being respectful of the dignity and wishes of the individual
  • recognising the mutuality of our service
  • looking at society from the perspective of people who are excluded
  • being deeply committed to the elimination of poverty and suffering
  • helping others to transform their lives

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