Vision and Values

What are values and ethos?
A value
is a principle, standard or quality considered worthwhile or desirable. Its worth is derived from its usefulness or importance to the person who either possesses it or regards it highly. It therefore usually holds some utility such as an ability to improve a person’s circumstance.

An ethos is the set of fundamental values held by a person, group or organisation. Ethos is what characterises the tone or culture of organisations and how they run their projects and services.
The “Vincentian” Way
The journey of all the organisations, services and projects within Vincentians in Partnership (VIP)  began over 400 years ago in a small village on the French side of the Pyrenees near Bordeaux where St Vincent de Paul was born in the spring of 1581. All the charities associated with Vincentians in Partnership continue to work in the spirit of St Vincent de Paul in a practical and non-judgmental way, a ‘Vincentian’ way, with their focus on responding to need through action and innovation.

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