Learn How a Criminal Law Expert Can Change a Verdict.

If you are convicted in a lower court, the conviction does not have to be the end of the street. You can request a higher court review and amend a lower court judgment by appealing. Appeal for a conviction includes a new set of rules that a criminal defense lawyer treats best. toronto defence law firm offer comprehensive criminal defense services, including higher court appeals.

Time to make an appeal

The court regulations demand you to file your notice of appeal for a short time, not more than 14 days if you appeal to the magistrate’s Court, and not more than 22 days after the time of sentencing or conviction if you appeal to the Superior Court. The timing of your appeal submission is critical as it can be refused for the time being. This appeal communication differs from the brief of appeal prepared by your criminal defense lawyer on your behalf.

Legal questions

Appeal courts are subject exclusively to those appeals that raise problems of law or legal principles in the lower Court’s judgment. The higher Court does not reexamine the facts of the case in a request but focuses on legal problems addressed in the appeal brief. Since the argument relates to legal concepts, anyone who seeks to appeal his case should immediately obtain guidance from a criminal appeal counsel.

Appeal types

Calls for conviction The conviction can be appealed to a higher court based on the transcript of the proceedings in the lower Court. The Court of Appeal does typically not have questions arising from facts tested or heard before the Court unless unusual circumstances can be demonstrated to necessitate re-hearing. After hearing your legal arguments, the Court of Appeal may substitute an acquittal for the conviction ruling or return the matter for a further hearing to the lower Court.

Sentence appeals You can also appeal a conviction to the High Court on grounds such as the lower Court’s error in imposing a penalty which is manifestly above the range of sanctions prescribed for the crime or the judge’s failure to take into account a factor that may have entitled you to a lower penalty. Because consequences for crimes are established by law, a lawyer is the best person to help you argue your appeal against a sentence.

Appeals are another ball game in criminal proceedings that need an experienced criminal defense lawyer base. The leading law firms give the greatest defense teams so that you are not convicted on a crime you are innocent of or penalized within limits laid forth by law.