Vincentian Volunteers

Vincentian Volunteers began in 1992 as a joint initiative of the Daughters of Charity, the Congregation of the Mission and the Society of St Vincent de Paul. Since that time well over 150 young adults have spent a year living as a Vincentian Volunteer. The Vincentian Volunteer Programme aims to create opportunities and provide inspiration for young adults to: • Deepen their Christian faith • Be with those in need • Live together in a Christian community They try to accept the challenge to live in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul by: – Recognising Christ in the lives of those on the edge of society – Serving others in a respectful, loving and non-judgemental way – Creating a supportive and prayerful environment for one another – Proclaiming through their actions that the love of Jesus leaves them no option.
In the twenty two years since the programme began there have been groups at different times in different cities: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Birkenhead and Hull. There are many kinds of poverty and Vincentian Volunteers have been able to reach out to:
• Adults who are faced with blindness in their maturity, or when they are old
. Blind and partially sighted children
• Young people and those who are spiritually poor
• People who are hungry and homeless
• Addicts who lose contact with ‘normal’ life
• Families who find it hard to cope
• Children who are neglected
• Refugees and travellers, who suffer rejection
• Prisoners and their families
• Those who are lonely or housebound

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