Sisters of Evron


BEGINNINGS IN 17th CENTURY FRANCE Their foundress, Perrine Brunet, was born in Chapelle au Riboul in Mayenne on the 6th November 1654. In spite of her desire to enter religious life, she married Rene Thulard, a royal notary and possibly a merchant in the area, in accordance with the will of her parents. Widowed and childless at the age of 25, Perrine resumed what she had begun as a young girl: “teaching reading, writing and counting” to the village girls. Her desire to become a religious resurfaced. Influenced by the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Francis de Sales, she realised this project by consecrating herself to God while teaching and going to visit the “sick and poor in their own homes.” Other young girls became associated with her project. Thus, in 1682, the “Society of Daughters of Charity” came into being, dedicated to teaching and the care of the sick, while at the same time becoming more open to God.

WHERE ARE THESE SISTERS TODAY: Great Britain -Manchester, Liverpool, Runcorn, Stockport, Brinnington, Portmadoc, Wales.
France – Mayenne, Évron, The Chapelle au Riboul, Mézangers, Neau, Mayenne, Laval, Sarthe, Le Mans, Coulaines, Bonnétable, Mulsanne, St. Rémy de Sillé, Orne, Alençon, Indre et Loire

Canada – Edmonton, Bonnyville, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Africa – Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso
Perù – Lima

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