Ladies of Charity

The Ladies of Charity is the oldest voluntary lay association of women in the church. It dates back to 1617 when, for the first time, Vincent de Paul gathered a group of women in Chatillon-les-Dombes, France and gave structure to their first initiatives to come to the aid of the poor families in the parish. To this first group of women volunteers St.Vincent gave the significant name of “Ladies of Charity”. Today there are members in Salford, Hallam, and Westminster dioceses visiting the housebound and those who are ill at home or in hospital. Members also reach out to those in any kind of need or poverty.
SALFORD                  Mrs Catherine Stafford 53 Ilkley Crescent Reddish Stockport SK5 6HG
HALLAM                   Mrs Brenda Murphy 4 Tasker Road Sheffield S10 1 UZ

WESTMINSTER      Anne Hodson Pressinger 4, Lyall Street Eaton Square London SW1X 8DW

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