Depaul UK

In 1989, due to changes in Government legislation, the number of young people sleeping rough in Victoria, especially in the precincts of Westminster cathedral, grew to several hundreds. Cardinal Basil Hume asked the question: ‘What are we as a Church going to do about this?’ He called three organisations together, each with a wealth of expertise of working with vulnerable people, to see how the Church could best serve these young people – the three organisations were, The Passage Day Centre, the St Vincent de Paul Society and the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul. And so in April 1989 Depaul trust (now called Depaul UK) came into being: Its origin inspired by St Vincent de Paul and its activities underpinned by Vincentian values.
Today Depaul UK is a thriving organisation, which has not only expanded in Britain but also taken root in Ireland and Eastern Europe. Here in Britain Depaul UK employs 170 staff in 30 projects for Young People which include: Rough Sleepers’ initiatives; night shelters and hostels; services in prison with young offenders; sports coaching; family mediation; community development projects; mentoring; employment and access to ICT training. Depaul UK works closely with government agencies and a range of organisations in both business and voluntary sectors in order to deliver the highest quality services to young people enabling them to achieve their potential and take their rightful place in society.
Depaul UK
1st Floor, 291-299 Borough High St
Tel: 0207 939 1220

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