Congregation of the Mission

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The Congregation of the Mission, more commonly known as The Vincentians, is an international Roman Catholic Apostolic community of Priests and Brothers founded in Paris, France in 1625 by Saint Vincent de Paul to follow Jesus Christ, evangelizer of the poor. Their motto taken from St. Luke’s gospel is: ” He has sent me to bring Good News to the poor.” Today, more than 4,000 men in 74 countries work, pray, and live in community in response to the needs of the poor. The Vincentians who live and work in Britain belong to an Anglo-Irish province, which has its headquarters in Dublin.
Their current ministries include: building faith communities in parishes; ethnic chaplaincies, working with homeless people, deaf people, travellers, refugees and asylum seekers; schools and colleges; parish missions, teaching, formation and direction in seminaries; chaplaincy to the Daughters of Charity and overseas missions in Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
Fr. Kieran McGovern CM
St. Mary’s
82 West Street
Tel: 01582 662 710

2 Responses to Congregation of the Mission

  1. Margaret Malcolm says:

    Dear Fr Kieran,
    I am president of the University of Dundee SSVP conference and Diocesan SSVP youth development officer. At present we are the only aggregated university conference in Scotland.
    On Saturday at the National AGM, we were told that there was £666,000 extra and asked to try to think of projects to use it. I think it would be great to use it for youth evangelisation, and there is no better way than through the SSVP. While undergoing RCIA the priest introduced me to the society and helping them put the Gospel into action and their witness played a huge part in me becoming a Christian.

    I do know that the SSVP have paid for projects for the Daughters of Charity in Glasgow, and I was wondering if it would be possible for us to have a Vincentian priest in Dundee. In St Patrick’s parish there is no resident priest as the parish priest lives in a neighbouring parish. In the parish there is a drug problem, and the red light area of the city is there. I am sure that if we had a Vincentian priest in Dundee that the young people would be inspired to help as we already have the university conference and school conferences and even some Minnie Vinnies.
    Do you think it would be possible for you, or one of your colleagues to come here?
    I realise that you are all very busy as the shortage of Priests is widespread, but I think it would serve two purposes, helping the poor and marginalised and inspiring young people in their faith resulting in more vocations.
    Yours in St Vincent
    Margaret Malcolm

    • marillac says:

      Dear Margaret,
      I am unable to reply directly to your enquiry but suggest you contact Fr Kieran directly. His email address is or Tel: 01582 662 710

      I hope you are successful,
      best wishes

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