Brothers of Charity

The Brothers of Charity is an international congregation working in thirty countries on five continents. Canon Peter Joseph Triest, the Vincent DePaul of Belgium, founded it in 1807 in Ghent. The motto of the Brothers of Charity is ‘Deus Caritas Est’ – ‘God is love’ and it is this sentiment that marks their work with marginalised and vulnerable people throughout the world. Through their service to people they show God’s love in action. In England The Brothers of Charity have been providing services to people with learning disabilities since the 1930’s and today support almost 500 adults in the Lancashire and Merseyside areas, employing over 800 staff.  Their services have changed greatly over the last 20 years so that today most of the people they support live in their own homes in their own communities supported by staff employed by the Brothers of Charity. Similarly, In Scotland, the Brothers of Charity have been providing services since the 1940’s and today support around 130 adults in the Scottish Borders employing over 270 support staff. They work closely with government agencies to provide the highest quality services possible and through their work seek to enable people with learning disabilities to take on the roles and responsibilities as citizens and full members of their local community.

Lisieux Hall
Dawson Lane
Tel: 01257 266 311

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